GovernanceAre you interested to know who is involved? 

The Executive Committee manages the business affairs of the association under the guidance of IODA's President. It includes the Conference Chair for the most recent conference, the current conference, and the chair of next year's conference.  IODA members elect the EC members for a three year term. Conference Chairs from host countries are approved by the EC for a term of three years.

Executive Committee

Present members

President: Suzanne Zaldivar, USA
Vice President: Rod Barnett, Australia
Treasurer: Peter Norlin, USA
Operations Manager: Silke Haebold, Germany
Chair Newsletter Team: Alette Vonk, Netherlands
VP Communication and Memberships: Claudia Raffo, Chile
VP Conferences and Events: Mohanakrishnan Raman, India
IODA's Founding President: K.C. Soares, USA
Conference Chair 2012: Alfredo Mazive, Mozambique
Conference Chair 2013: Josè Campoverde, Peru
Conference Chair 2014: Ken Nisikawa, Japan
Conference Link 2015: Karen Davis, USA